Taupathies for Alzhemer Disease 10

Microtubule-associated proteins that are mainly expressed in neurons. Tau proteins constitute several isoforms and play an important role in the assembly of tubulin monomers into microtubules and in maintaining the cytoskeleton and axonal transport. Aggregation of specific sets of tau proteins in filamentous inclusions is the common feature of intraneuronal and glial fibrillar lesions ( NEUROFIBRILLARY TANGLES; NEUROPIL THREADS) in numerous neurodegenerative disorders ( ALZHEIMER DISEASE; TAUOPATHIES).


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Tau Protein

Neurodegenerative disorders involving deposition of abnormal tau protein isoforms ( TAU PROTEINS) in neurons and glial cells in the brain. Pathological aggregations of tau proteins are associated with mutation of the tau gene on chromosome 17 in patients with ALZHEIMER DISEASE; DEMENTIA; PARKINSONIAN DISORDERS; progressive supranuclear palsy ( SUPRANUCLEAR PALSY, PROGRESSIVE); and corticobasal degeneration.